This book is written to assist designers, engineers, and professionals to comprehend and utilize the concepts and functionality contained in the Pro/SHEETMETAL module of Pro/ENGINEER. The book contains information for users to translate design ideas frominitial conceptual sketches to manufacturing reality. The targeted audience for the book is the novice and intermediate Pro/ENGINEER user. Commands are presented in a step by step approach. The text includes additional information on parts, assemblies and drawings used to create sheetmetal components and assemblies. In a project based approach the learning process is explored through a series of design projects and objectives, each with a desired outcome. The project based approach simulates thework environment, example: 1.) Prototype stage, 2.) Part and assembly, 3.) Production drawing, 4.) Bill of Materials, 5.) Bend Order Tables and 6.) Design for manufacturing, to name a few. In each project, you build on previous learned...

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