A Guide to the Fundamentals and Latest Conceptsof Molecular and Cell Biology Bridging the gap between biology and engineering, Applied Cell and Molecular Biology for Engineers uses clear, straightforward language to introduce you to the cutting-edge concepts of molecular and cell biology. Written by an international team of engineers and life scientists, this vital tool contains clinical focus boxes and applications boxes in each chapter to link biology and engineering in today's world. To help grasp complex material quickly and easily, a glossary is provided.Applied Cell and Molecular Biology for Engineers features:Clear descriptions of cell structures and functionsDetailed coverage of cellular communicationIn-depth information on cellular energy conversionConcise facts on information flow across generationsA succinct guide to the evolution of cells to organismsInside This Biomedical Engineering Guide Biomolecules: Energetics Components of the cell Cell Morphology: Cell membranes Cell organelles Enzyme Kinetics: Steady-state kinetics Enzyme inhibition Cellular Signal Transduction: Receptor binding Apoptosis Energy Conversion: Cell metabolism Cell respiration Cellular Communication: Direct Local Long distance Cellular Genetics: DNA and RNA synthesis and repair Cell Division and Growth: Cell cycle Mitosis Stem cells Cellular Development: Germ cells and fertilization Limb development From Cells to Organisms: Cell differentiation Systems biology

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