Billions of dollars are being spent annually world-wide to develop reliable and good quality products and services. Global competition and other factors are forcing manufacturers and others to produce highly reliable and good quality products and services. This means that reliability and quality principles are now being applied across many diverse sectors of economy and each of these sectors (robotics, health care, power generation, the Internet, textile, food and software) has tailored reliability and quality principles, methods, and procedures to satisfy its specific need. Reliability and quality professionals working in these areas need to know about each other's work activities because this may help them - directly or indirectly - to perform their tasks more effectively. 'Applied Reliability and Quality: Fundamentals, Methods and Procedures' meets the need for a single volume that considers applied areas of both reliability and quality. Before now, there has not been one book that covers both applied reliability and quality; so to gain knowledge of each other's specialties, these people had to study various books, articles, or reports on each area. As the first book of its kind, 'Applied Reliability and Quality: Fundamentals, Methods and Procedures' will be useful to design engineers, manufacturing engineers, system engineers, engineering and manufacturing managers, reliability specialists, quality specialists, graduate and senior undergraduate students of engineering, researchers and instructors of reliability and quality, and professionals in areas such as health care, software, power generation, robotics, textile, food, and the Internet.

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