America?s Dwindling Resource "We must shift from business as usual to a plan of action to save out environment. As Aqua Shock details, that means water conservation, recycling, reuse, and rethinking how and where we use water today. We can do it, but time is not on our side. We must act now before it?s too late." —Lester Brown, President, Earth Policy Institute "Susan J. Marks brings to our attention the dire straits that America faces and will continue to face because of water shortages and pollution of existing sources. It is time that the American public awoke to these conditions and took steps, however costly, to change them. Aqua Shock helps achieve this goal." —Joel A. Tarr, Richard S. Caliguiri Universtiy Professor of History and Policy, Carnegie Mellon University "With Aqua Shock, Susan J. Marks has delivered a highly readable and tremendously informative account of what she quite rightly calls America?s water crisis. Marks not only spells out in rich...

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