In the movies, a couple meet and they just knowthat each has found that one special person. Marriage, children andeternal bliss are just a heart-beat away. Unfortunately in the realworld, it is much harder to work out if a relationship has a future ornot. Most people do not have these blinding flashes or if theyve hadthem in the past, have been badly let down and no longer trust theirown judgement. If this sounds familiar and youre not sure if yourrelationship is serious or youre just wasting your time, this book isfor you. Marital therapist Andrew G Marshall draws on extensive research andtwenty-five years experience of working with couples to help youunderstand what is going on beneath the surface. He explains:- How to tell if your partner is truly into you.- How to know if you want to spend the rest of your life with this person.- The natural rhythm of relationships and how bothjumping in too soon or spending too long on hold can ruin a buddingromance.- How to stop listening to other people and listen to your heart.- How to talk productively about your future.(Some of the exercises in this book have appeared in The Single Trap by Andrew G. Marshall, published by Bloomsbury)

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