This practical 'how-to' guide to using the ARIS Design Platform & how to use it to create real business models describes the new release of ARIS 7 Design Platform including ARIS Business Architect & ARIS Business Designer. Rob Davis has teamed up with Eric Brabänder of IDS Scheer to provide practical answers to the following questions using the new web-based ARIS Design Platform: How do we get started with the ARIS Design Platform? How do we establish company-wide Business Process Management? How do we setup a project with ARIS? Which modelling methods should we use? How do we effectively use the technical architecture of ARIS (Servers, Databases, Objects, Web Clients, etc) Containing tips, techniques & short cuts gained from practical experience, this book show how to use ARIS in an easy way, supporting smart methods & smart models, & displays how ARIS can be used as a powerful tool for BPM. This book is a must have guide & reference for all existing & new users of ARIS.

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