It is the 17th century; a time of high adventure, Barbary pirates, avaricious slave traders and dealers in human flesh.The Countess of Tintern, her two beautiful daughters and handsome son fall into the hands of Barbary corsairs while on a Mediterranean cruise.Life is not easy for the aristocrats, learning quickly and painfully to strip at the command of their new owners. After which, depilated and displayed, they are forced into degrading sexual acts with each other, with the intent of fertilising both daughters and mother! If this is not bad enough, the impregnation is carried out twice - in front of fee-paying audiences of avid lustful men!Naked, caged, private parts pierced and padlocked, serving time on the terrible galley ship, the once haughty aristocrats learn the hard way that there is a cruel harsh side to life the question is whether they will be able to adapt and obey their demanding masters' commands, or suffer the terrible consequences ... horrific mutilation.

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