Jim is the cockney boy wonder who can read stock charts like 50 ft road signs. Hisuncanny talent has taken him from tea boy to trading superstar. Is he a genius, or afluke? He doesn't know.The mysterious Max Davas, emperor of trading, makes billions dealing US Treasuriesusing more computing firepower than NASA. - but now his models are telling him thatsomething is about to go catastrophically wrong.The same trading system that has made him one of the richest and most powerful men inthe world is telling him that in a year's time, Gold will be at $0 an ounce, so will Oil, sowill Microsoft and the dollar won't be trading at all. The Euro, the Pound, the Yen, sugar,wheat, coffee...all will fall down to zero.But are predictions fate? Or does the cockney kid hold the key to the Armageddon trade?

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