THE FLASH FROM THE GUNS I tell you, Bart, I don't like the looks of things, remarked Frank Sheldon to his chum, Bart Raymond, as the two stood on a corner in the German city of Coblenz on the Rhine. What's on your mind? inquired Bart, as he drew the collar of his raincoat more snugly around his neck and turned his back to the sleet-laden wind that was fairly blowing a gale. I don't see anything to get stirred up about except this abominable weather. It's all I can do to keep my feet. It is a pretty tough night to be out on patrol duty, agreed Frank. But it wasn't that I was thinking about. It's the way these Huns have been acting lately. Are you thinking of that sergeant of ours that was found stabbed to death the other night? asked Bart, with quickened interest. Not so much that, replied Frank, although that's one of the things that shows the way the wind is blowing. But it's the surly way the whole population is acting. Haven't you noticed it? There certainly is a difference, admitted Bart

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