Whether you want to remove bad behaviours, reward new ones, build confidence, improve problem solving skills or just understand your horse better, clicker training is the most positive approach to equine training currently available. Ben Hart explains the evolution of clicker training from its use with dogs and marine animals, its place in horsemanship, and the importance of refining its use specifically for equines. From experience gained all over the world, Ben answers all the most frequently asked questions, whilst solving common problems that are experienced during clicker training. The author bases his approach to training on mutual trust between equine and human, using common sense and honesty to encourage people to follow their own path to horsemanship. He skilfully balances the art and science of behaviour to help anyone develop a positive approach to equine training that works with horses, donkeys and mules. Clear, concise and accessible, this is an indispensable guide to an effective and positive method of training equines.

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