The most trusted M&A guidebook available--updated for today's extreme-risk world of business.A merger or acquisition deal can be a profi table springboard to long-term success--or it can be a costly disaster. The key to experiencing the former and preventing the latter is a sound, effective due diligence process.The Art of M&A Due Diligence, second edition, is extensively updated to provide new, critical informationyou need today. Signifi cant regulatory and legal developments have occurred over the past decade, and this new edition ensures that you'll be fully prepared for them. It accounts for noteworthy business trends and global economic events by providing:The latest tools for detecting and mitigating risk (9/11)An expanded checklist with more insolvency warning signs (WorldCom)Guidance on what companies can and cannot delegate to their advisors (Arthur Andersen)A new chapter on due diligence for fi nancial institutions to account for EESA-related changes (2010 legacy of TARP)Major financial scandals, geopolitical upheaval, technological advances, rapid globalization . . . The world--and the way business is done--has changed drastically in the 10 short years since the originalpublication of this book. As a result, the alreadytedious M&A process has become exponentially more complex.The most trusted guidebook of its kind, The Artof M&A Due Diligence helps you uncover problems and inconsistencies in an M&A deal while they're still manageable. Youll find everything you need to mitigate all types of traditional riskfinancial (key ratios, new GAAP-IFRS standards), operational (background checks, on-site visits), transactional (verification, checking warranties), and legal (intellectual property, environmental law).This new edition also addresses complicationsintroduced over the past decade by including:New information about the use of electronic datarooms for due diligenceNew focus on the role of International Accounting StandardsNew tools for Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) complianceNew regulations concerning the environment and social issuesNew case law of interest, including key decisionsof the Delaware Chancery Court and Delaware Supreme CourtThe fear of risk in an M&A deal is rational, but it shouldn't prevent you from moving ahead. A well-conceived, carefully executed merger or acquisition can be extraordinarily enriching for both buyer and seller. This step-by-step guidebook is all you need to know where to lookand what to look for--when conducting M&A due diligence.

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