After a somewhat lonely and inwardly focused childhood Billy Roberts entered adolescence finally understanding why he had always felt 'different'. As a sickly child his life expectancy had been poor but he had always known that he wouldn't die young because he had an important gift that he needed to share with the world - he was psychic. As I Recall It is Billy's own account of his journey from 'odd' child to successful musician and beyond, documenting how he was to emerge as one of the UK's most successful, if unconventional, Stage Psychics. As a renowned authority on esoteric matters, Billy's career has led him to many strange and sometimes scary places investigating the paranormal. He appeared on television long before programmes about haunted buildings became fashionable and has won the respect of experts on the paranormal across the globe. These days, Billy tries to lead a quieter life but as this fascinating autobiography explains, he has learnt to always expect one or two surprises. This is the extraordinary story of one man's experience of a life spent unravelling the secrets of the dead.

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