The geopolitics of Asia will play an increasingly central role in global affairs. Simon Tay is one the most intelligent and reliable guides to the region. Fareed Zakaria Editor, Newsweek International; Host of CNN’s Fareed Zakaria GPS In this thoughtful book, Simon Tay, a distinguished Singaporean, argues that the relationship between Asia and the United States must become more equal. The United States must change and so, too, must Asia: the former must eschew past hubris and present isolationism, while the latter must overcome present hubris and past divisions. I found Asia Alone to be thought–provoking. Martin Wolf Associate Editor and Chief Economics Commentator, The Financial Times Nowhere are the changes taking place in the world more evident than in Asia, where the United States has vital security interests and faces a rising China. Simon Tay’s stimulating book expertly frames the issues in ways that will be helpful to policy makers...

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