The global financial crisis of 2007-09, and the Great Recession that it engendered, were both a challenge and an opportunity for Asia. The region not only remained unharmed by the global financial crisis initially but also recovered the fastest. In addition, it was also the principal driver of the global recovery.This book analyzes the impact of the global financial crisis and the Great Recession on the Asian economy. Chapters look at the most significant issues related to the Asian economy during the crisis, how it coped with them and how it eventually emerged from them. Dilip K. Das discusses how the Asian economy, particularly the emerging-market economies, spearheaded the recovery of the global economy from the global financial crisis and recession, and goes on to look at how this is of historical significance. Written in a clear, comprehensive and critical manner, this book covers the contemporary academic and policy debates on Asia's role in the world economy. As such, it is an essential read for students, researchers and public policy professionals interested in Asian Economics as well as studies in the International Political Economy.

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