Why going global is critical-and inevitable-for your association's growth and survivalMultiple case studies of associations that have entered the global arena will be included. The Association Guide to Going Global demonstrates how many associations have used globalization to their advantage, finding that increasing their reach and influence on an international scale has allowed their organizations continued success.Underscores how the advantages of changes outweigh the risksHow adapting to new market trends is an act that cannot, and should not, be avoidedOffers a problem-solution guide to potentially intimidating questions about the processExplains how small associations may often have an advantage over large corporations due to flexibilityCoverage features topics including an overview of problems encountered, structure, funding/financing, language and culture, endeavors in specific countries, successes and failures, and what it means to truly become global. Avoid mistakes made by other organizations by going global and ultimately following the paths of those who accomplished their goals.

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