Astrophysics At Ultra-High Energies - Proceedings Of The 15Th Course Of The International School Of Cosmic Ray Astrophysics


This book introduces young researchers to the exciting field of ultra-high energy astrophysics including charged particles, gamma rays and neutrinos. At ultra-high energy the radiation is produced by interactions of cosmic ray particles accelerated in explosive events such as supernovae or hypernovae, black holes or, possibly, the big bang. Through direct contact with senior scientists, now actively planning the next generation of experiments/models, the excitement and motivation for research at ultra-high energy was conveyed. The underpinning of these fields is a synthesis of knowledge and techniques from nuclear and particle physics, astronomy and cosmology. Informing the participants of this background, how it was derived, and the new challenges for the future are the major goal. Further, the course has helped to foster new astrophysical research and promoted contacts, which have resulted in new collaborations.

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