The Asylum is a grim place in which to hide those no longer wanted by a family, somewhere to deposit the troublemaker, the sexually alluring, the difficult girls, a place of concealment and of strange practices. Once inside the walls, no girl escapes from the fate which awaits her!Natasha is unwillingly taken to the Asylum to be left in the tender hands of Miss Blackstone, the principal, and of her nursing staff, including the mute sadistic Darby and the perverted Bradwell, not to mention the amorous drunken maid. Natasha discovers that her room is a thinly disguised padded cell and that enemas, straitjackets and sharp discipline with a tawse are all part of the daily routine. Very high heels and latex clothes are her only clothing and sexual abuse comes as part of the 'training'. All infringements are severely dealt with, much to the principal's secret delight as she watches from her concealed room.Nothing is as it seems in this fearsome place and Natasha has but one wish - to escape!

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