Advance praise for ATLANTIC"Atlantic is a stirring story that illuminates a magical period in our maritime history. Scott Cookman weaves the compelling plot in a manner that will fascinate both the landlubber and the sailor alike. The schooner Atlantic's transatlantic racing record has remained unbeaten for nearly a century-and the story behind the race makes that achievement even more impressive. Cookman has done his homework well and unfolds that story page by page . . . the reader can just about feel the icy lash of a North Atlantic swell crashing aboard as the massive sailing craft are driven toward their destination by men and women whose dreams and goals (and even the pride of their countries) hang in the balance."-Peter Isler, America's Cup veteran, author of the bestselling Sailing for Dummies, and Editor at Large for Sailing World"Outstanding. Cookman is equally adept at depicting the gut-wrenching tension of ocean racing; the politics, intrigues, and skullduggery of billionaires, society snobs, and sailors who make Captain Ahab seem the model of restraint; and a gilded, vanished era under the gathering storm clouds of war."-Neil Hanson, author of The Custom of the Sea"In 1905, the key to unlocking America's economic potential was swift travel across the Atlantic. Scott Cookman recounts in meticulous detail the fanatical race for maritime supremacy. Scions and captains of industry took the challenge by racing across the ocean."-Gary Jobson, America's Cup--winning tactician on Ted Turner's Courageous (1977) and ESPN sailing analyst"Anyone who has ever been to sea, or dreamed of a sailing adventure, will be captivated by this extraordinary seafaring story. It is a perfect balance of history, intrigue, and period personalities that will make your palms sweat as you rush headlong through storm and fog to the finish."-Rockwell B. Harwood, Commodore, Stamford Yacht Club (1999--2001)

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