Divided into chapters that concentrate on particular aspects of the deserts, their geology, life forms, history and future, this book describes the hostile and extreme environments that cover more than a seventh of the world's surface.Lavish photographs capture the stark beauty of each desert's colours and light; maps show the varying topography of different regions, and the enthralling text describes some of nature's most remarkable adaptations and humanity's most resourceful communities.The chapters are divided by spectacular picture essays that feature a detailed view of a particular region, such as California's Death Valley, portraying its landscape, natural life and human residents. Throughout the book, boxes highlight fascinating aspects of the story of the deserts, from how sand dunes are formed to how the sidewinder moves, from how the Bedouin cope with the desert to the cave-dwelling quartz miners of central Australia. Key Features:* Examines in detail all aspects of the deserts, their geology, geography, history, culture and biodiversity * Features chapters that provide in-depth analysis of specific aspects of deserts including desert formation, plant and animal inhabitants, natural and human resources, and the desert in past and modern times * Profiles numerous deserts around the world * Discusses the culture, life and history of the peoples who inhabit the deserts.Featured Deserts from Around the World:African Deserts* Sahara* Kalahari Desert* Namib Desert* Arabian DesertsAsian Deserts* Kara-Kum Desert* Taklimakan* Iranian Desert* Gobi Desert* Thar DesertAmerican Deserts* Great Basin* The Atacama* Mojavi/Sonora* Patagonia* The SechuraAustralia and the Poles* Western Australian Desert* Central Australian Desert* The Arctic* The Antarctic

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