About 40 % of current atomic force microscopy (AFM) research is performed in liquids, making liquid-based AFM a rapidly growing andimportant tool for the study of biological materials. This book focuses on the underlying principles and experimental aspects of AFM underliquid, with an easy-to-follow organization intended for new AFM scientists. The book also serves as an up-to-date review of new AFM techniques developed especially for biological samples.Aimed at physicists, materials scientists, biologists, analytical chemists, and medicinal chemists. An ideal reference book for libraries.From the contents:Part I: General Atomic Force Microscopy* AFM: Basic Concepts* Carbon Nanotube Tips in Atomic Force Microscopy with* Applications to Imaging in Liquid* Force Spectroscopy* Atomic Force Microscopy in Liquid* Fundamentals of AFM Cantilever Dynamics in Liquid* Environments* Single-Molecule Force Spectroscopy* High-Speed AFM for Observing Dynamic Processes in Liquid* Integration of AFM with Optical Microscopy TechniquesPart II: Biological Applications* DNA and Protein-DNA Complexes* Single-Molecule Force Microscopy of Cellular Sensors* AFM-Based Single-Cell Force Spectroscopy* Nano-Surgical Manipulation of Living Cells with the AFM

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