Wanted: Outback Wives Three gorgeous Australians need brides - they just don't know it yet! The Runaway and the Cattleman Jacinda had run to Sydney to lose a man, not find one. But there was a rare chemistry between the scriptwriter from LA and handsome cattle station owner Callan Woods. Could this unlikely combination of single parents build a future together? Princess in Disguise Brant Smith had been called the hottest property in the Outback and was being hounded by unsuitable women. So when Misha, a European princess, arrived at Brant's door, he wasn't happy. She agreed to pretend to be his fiancee to discourage unwanted pursuers; after all, her heart was safe - a princess and a sheep rancher had nothing in common, surely? Outback Baby Wealthy Australian rancher Dustin Tanner has learnt the hard way that urban career women and the Outback don't mix. But he and journalist Shay Russell can't keep their eyes or hands off each other... Yet actions have consequences... Sometimes nine months on.

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