The second book in a three-book series, AutoCAD 2004: A Building Approach, Book 2 helps readers proceed to making and dimensioning multiview drawings. Using a modularized approach that groups related commands and operations together, thisbook focuses on teaching the most efficient method of operation that enables the user to quickly become a productive CAD operator. Equipping readers with the practical skills required to succeed in this field, the book also contains real-world application exercises at each module's conclusion and a final project at the book's end that a new CAD operator might be required to do in an actual employment situation. Covering the use of viewports for scaling and plotting drawings, the book details how to makemultiview drawings using construction lines, and placing professional looking dimensions. Also discussed is the set up and use of layers and linetypes in drawings, and how to change the properties of objects when they are misplaced. For...

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