This book is for any programmer who wants to take full advantage of the VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) programming environment within AutoCAD 2006.Whether you want to automate routine tasks, create sophisticated applications - or design that are generated programmatically - this book will give you all of the information necessary to start making AutoCAD work for you.
AutoCAD is one of the best selling CAD software applications in the world, and includes Microsoft's VBA language, which allows you to control your programming environment. This book will teach you to run Autodesk design tasks in the embedded VBA environment.
This book is also for power users who want to take advantage of the advanced features of AutoCAD 2006 VBA and who need a fast reference to the full AutoCAD object model. Loaded with source code examples, this book gives experienced and beginning developers the necessary tools to accomplish their AutoCAD 2006 automation tasks.

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