This volume contains a valuable collection of articles presented at a conference on Automorphic Forms and Zeta Functions in memory of Tsuneo Arakawa, an eminent researcher in modular forms in several variables and zeta functions. The book begins with a review of his works, followed by 16 articles by experts in the fields including H Aoki, R Berndt, K Hashimoto, S Hayashida, Y Hironaka, H Katsurada, W Kohnen, A Krieg, A Murase, H Narita, T Oda, B Roberts, R Schmidt, R Schulze-Pillot, N Skoruppa, T Sugano, and D Zagier. A variety of topics in the theory of modular forms and zeta functions are covered: Theta series and the basis problems, Jacobi forms, automorphic forms on Sp(1, q), double zeta functions, special values of zeta and L-functions, many of which are closely related to Arakawa's works.This collection of papers illustrates Arakawa's contributions and the current trends in modular forms in several variables and related zeta functions.

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