Medical Malpractice is written from the unique perspective of an MD/JD and covers all the right topics from an insiders point-of-view. Readers will learn basic law and the various ways laws are interpreted; how to be an effective witness in your own defense; how to manage malpractice risk; how juries make decisions; how plaintiff and defense lawyers litigate in malpractice cases; and the importance of good communication and documentation in daily practice. In addition, the book focuses on the law-medicine-politics triangle and its effect on physicians, the impact of - and issues related to - diversity in medical malpractice, and other essential topics. Physicians who better understand malpractice laws are better clinical decision makers who feel more confident in their ability to provide the best care possible. Medical Malpractice is a much-needed resource to help physicians navigate legal issues and be the best doctors they can be.

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