Extensive studies have shown cognitive-behavioral therapy to be highly effective in treating anxiety disorders, improving patients social functioning, job performance, and quality of life. Yet every CBT clinician faces some amount of client resistance, whether in the form of This wont work, Im too depressed, or even You cant make me! Avoiding Treatment Failures in the Anxiety Disorders analyzes the challenges presented by non-compliance, and provides disorder- and population-specific guidance in addressing the impasses and removing the obstacles that derail therapy. Making use of extensive clinical expertise and current empirical findings, expert contributors offer cutting-edge understanding of the causes of treatment complicationsand innovative strategies for their resolutionin key areas, including:The therapeutic allianceThe full range of anxiety disorders (i.e., panic, PTSD, GAD)Comorbidity issues (i.e., depression, personality disorders, eating disorders, substance abuse, and chronic medical illness)Combined CBT/pharmacological treatmentEthnic, cultural, and religious factorsIssues specific to children and adolescents.Both comprehensive, and accessible, Avoiding Treatment Failures in the Anxiety Disorders will be welcomed by new and seasoned clinicians alike. The window it opens onto this class of disorders, plus the insights into how and why this treatment works, will also be of interest to those involved in clinical research.

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