Five AIDS victims die every minute. What can you do to help?"Today, this very day, 5,500 Africans will die of AIDS. If this isn't emergency, what is?" -Bono (U2)The aWAKE Project is a collection of stories and essays geared toward educating and mobilizing Americans to help with the AIDS crisis in Africa. Action is needed for a continent on which five people die every minute from the deadly AIDS virus. aWAKE stands for: AIDS-Working toward Awareness, Knowledge and Engagement. Compiled of articles written by significant speakers on the AIDS issue, ranging from Nelson Mandela to Kevin Max, The aWAKE Project provides poignant stories and compelling statistics, encouraging the reader to care and even take action to battle this horrific crisis. A significant portion of the proceeds from The aWAKE Project will be donated to Jubilee 2000 and World Vision's Hope Iniative for Africa. Contributors include: Johanna McGreary, Nelson Mandela, Senator Bill Frist, Mary Graham, Desmond Tutu, Margaret Becker, Jimmy Carter, Jeffrey Sachs, Kevin Max, Jesse Helms, Kofi Annan, Out of Eden, Dikembe Mutombo, Luci Swindoll, Michael Tait, Charlie Peacock, President Olusegun Obsanjo of Nigeria, Bono, Nadine Gordimer, President George W. Bush, Danny Glover, Ambassador Rachel Gbenyon-Diggs, Mark Schoofs, Greg Barz, Paul O'Neill, Noelina Nakumisa, World Bank Report, and others."As featured on the official U2 website."

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