In this universe one thing follows another. We relate to the speed of light, and say nothing can travel faster. Today...we know that two "entangled" bits of matter, although separated by vast distance, immediately co-respond to stimilus applied to one. Some say there is no message sent...the co-response is due to the "oneness" of reality. I believe message can be sent over vast distance immediately. This retains the separable nature of reality, and assures that man can have self-emanated choice...freewill. Time and distance are relative also, and primarily, to the immediacy of Consciousness. For centuries man has wrestled with questions about freewill and fate...and time. Now...with the entrance of "entanglement", we sense that reality has a "connectedness", as being carpet-like. So, we need to reconsider time and distance, and wonder why reality has laws allowing continuance of itself. In my book I suggest that time is Consciousness "becoming"...within necessary imperfectio.

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