The girls in these erotic stories share a secret. They love spankings. They dream of them, crave them, and ask for them. The anticipation of an imminent spanking makes their pulse race, their breath quicken, and their panties moisten. But these girls share a problem, too. They hate spankings. They regret wanting one every time they find themselves bare-bottomed across a man's lap. Spankings are embarrassing and they hurt. Yet they can't deny that their best dates all end the same way: in humiliation and tears. These stories ask the question: are they bad girls because they need spankings, or do they need spankings because they're bad girls? These are the stories of girls like the weary divorcee in search of a man strong enough to make her care, the college girl desperate for a substitute for daddy, and the girls' school alumna whose homecoming involves an unusual reunion with the headmaster. Emotionally raw, extremely explicit and daringly original, these are the stories of the secret lives of bad girls. Brooke Stern is the pseudonym of an established writer who has master's degrees in literature and psychology and whose fiction, essays and reviews have been translated into eight languages. Stern's award-winning first novel, Suffering the Consequences, also from Chimera Books, was hailed 'a fantastic novel' (Violet Blue).

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