FUN AND EFFECTIVE SOCCER DRILLS-FROM AN EXPERIENCED COACH IN THE SPORTSoccer is an exciting sport, but it is even better when your team is playing at its best. The Baffled Parent's Guide to Fix-It Drills for Youth Soccer addresses specific team concerns with energetic drills that will improve your players' skills and help them to properly execute the correct tactics and techniques on the field.Written by an expert, this extensive collection focuses on problem areas and provides practice activities to ensure you get the best from your young players. Robert Koger looks at each of the problems most commonly faced by youth team coaches and prescribes proper drills to get players and teams to be their best and have fun doing it.With more than 100 drills, you're guaranteed to find practice solutions for situations such as:My players can't get the ball past the other team's defense.I can't get my players to shoot when they are open.My players move all over the field.My team can't stop opposing goals from corner kicks.My team needs help with general skills areas including dribbling, passing, offense, defense, and goal-keeping.Written in an easy-to-follow, clearly outlined format, The Baffled Parent's Guide to Fix-It Drills for Youth Soccer is an invaluable teaching tool to have on the field. Don't start coaching without it.

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