?? ? Progressives need a balanced federal budget morethan Conservatives, because they believe that government has an important role toplay in modern life. Lack of a long term plan to move toward a sustainablebudget crowds out short term Progressive priorities: infrastructure spending,green technology, education and needed governmental interventions in the shortterm to support and improve our weak economy. The federal budget is unsustainable. For all the bluster of the debt ceilingdebate, the plan passed so far does not address the changes most obviouslyneeded if we are to ever have a balanced budget again: an increase in taxes andthe next steps on health reform to address the biggest driver of our long termbudget deficit, health care costs.Slowing the rate at which health care costs are growing is a necessary, but nota sufficient condition to developing a long range balanced budget. You shouldask any politician saying they think a balanced budget is a priority onequestion: what is your health reform plan? Without one, they have no hope ofachieving their goal.   This book offers progressives solutions to health care reform and a balanced budget, and will be of interest to academics, students and educated readers interested in politics, public policy and government finance.

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