Four long galleys cream their way over the wind-dark sea. Though the wind is fair, slaves sweat at the oars in order to increase the pace of the vessels. For this is a Barbarian fleet setting out in search of plunder again. For gold and jewels ... yes! For the mechanical artifices of a previous civilisation ... yes! But, above all, for human beings ... slaves ... the lifeblood of Barbaria.The fleet sails under the command of Captain Varian. But the orders for the expedition had been issued by Princess Alexena. She is the supreme authority in Barbaria ... and everyone is fully aware of it, from the Commander of her own fleet down to her newest slave, Flavia. Whips crack in the galleys. What does it matter if flesh is ripped? What does it matter if slaves die of exhaustion? There are plenty more to be had. This is why the new Barbarian expedition is setting forth. Before long ... surely ... oh surely ... it will return ... laden with treasures?

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