Joe Morgan again shows himself a rare bird: an ex-jock with savvy and the ability to communicate it.PeopleThis book has something for everybody, from longtime fans to Little Leaguers.New York NewsdayBaseball For Dummies, Third Edition, is for baseball fans at all levels, from players and coaches to spectators who love the game. Baseball Hall of Fame player and ESPN baseball analyst Joe Morgan explains baseball with remarkable insight, using down-to-earth language so everyone from the casual observer to the die-hard fan can gain a fuller appreciation of the sport. This updated edition features:Everything you need to know about the game, from what it takes to play each position and how to hit and run the bases to what to watch for in the game and how to appreciate the finer points of the sportCoverage of new star players, new stadiums, and game milestonesThe lowdown on todays baseball Web resourcesThe latest on stats and sabermetricsThe inside story on the new steroid rulesFrom how to throw a knuckleball or hit an inside pitch to how to keep a scorecard or pick a winning fantasy league team, Morgan covers all the bases, showing you how to get the most out of the game. Youll see how to:Improve your hitting, pitching, and fieldingFind a team to play on, from Little League on upEvaluate stats, players, and recordsCoach or umpire effectivelyGet more out of a trip to the ballparkComplete with Morgans personal lists of top-ten pitchers, fielders, and relievers, as well as new quotes from Derek Jeter and Keith Hernandez, Baseball For Dummies gives you all the inside tips, facts, and stats so you can play like a Major Leaguer!

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