Pet Soundsis, rightly, one of the most celebrated pop albums ever released. Ithas also been written about, pored over, and analyzed more than mostother albums put together. In this disarming book, Jim Fusilli focusesprimarily on the emotional core of the album, on Brian Wilsonspitch-perfect cry of despair. In doing so, he brings to life the searchfor equilibrium and acceptance that still gives Pet Sounds its heart almost four decades after its release.Excerpt:For all the ups anddowns, the scandals and, finally, the good times that are associatedwith Brian Wilson and the Beach Boys, nothing can diminish the beautyof Pet Sounds its sense of adventure, its insight into the boundless mysteries ofyoung love and how all its elements seem to coalesce to lay bare aninsecure teen confronted by the uncertainties of adulthood, a man whowishes life were as simple as he believed it once was. More than awonderful work that has easily withstood the test of time, Pet Soundsraises pop to the level of art through its musical sophistication andthe precision of its statement which, taken together, celebrate thefulfillment of Brian Wilsons ambition.

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