Living with passion, is the motto and inspiration behind the treasure-rich gem entitled "Beautiful Ambition", as authentically penned by the author, model and businesswoman, Tara Brooke! Open-hearted venturing into some of her own personal trials, struggles and challenges growing up, is done with grace and ease, looking to be inspiring and motivating for others to take an entire new outlook on their lives, future, dreams and opportunities. The messaging is fresh and inspirational: hard work and dedication enables achievement of dreams, beyond the wildest of expectations and imagination. This book is a must-have that provides a step-by-step approach on what and how to go about life, how to embrace, be and do who and what you are and want to be. All whilst staying true to self, dedicated to making happen and having the life YOU have always dreamed of, become a reality. The core message being: YOU CAN DO ANYTHING in life, putting your head, heart and mind to it! (P.S. Also remembering that it makes sense to find and utilize the short cuts and solid advice from people that have accomplished the things that you may want and admire yourself!)

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