This book explores the journey of becoming a social worker. It is based upon the experiences of social work students themselves and therefore provides a unique 'inside-out' perspective. By showing that personal, professional and political elements are interwoven in students' journeys, the author demonstrates that integrating these elements is vital to critical reflection and relationship-based social work. Content includes social work theory, therapeutic and risk-management interventions, emotional and ethical aspects of practice, political and cultural contexts of practice, and issues around supervision and assessment. The book also : includes introductions, real-life case study exercises, points for reflection, diagrams and tables, further reading and resources. " equips new students to reflect upon their own journeying and to learn more effectively from modules and placements. " provides case study material on all aspects of placements such as meeting Key Roles and value requirements. " covers career pathways for final year students, including guidance on dealing with job interviews and occupational stress. This is important reading across a range of modules and will be particularly valuable for new students and students on placement."

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