Blakeley finally gets up the nerve to leave an abusive relationship and runs to the one place she knows she'll be happy. Ashamed of her past, she keeps her friend, who is also the town's sheriff, in the dark as to why she has decided to start a new. After being welcomed with open arms by her friend and the entire town, Blakeley soon starts to relax and settle in.   The only person able to pick up on Blakeley's lies though, is Sheriff Kelley's best friend, Chief Deputy Warner. Trying as hard as he can to find out what it is she is hiding, he is forced to drop the matter until unexpectedly, the truth finds itself staring him in the face.   After Blakeley's secrets are revealed, she is surprised as to how the chief deputy reacts. Now, she has two options. She can either run and know she'll never be hurt again, or she can stay and take a chance on love.

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