PHP is the world's most popular Web scripting language, with an installation base of almost 24 million websites. Ajax (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) breathes new life into Web applications by transparently communicating and manipulating data in conjunction with a server-based technology, and is easily one of the most talked about topics in Web development circles today. Of all the technologies capable of working in conjunction with Ajax, perhaps none are more suitable than PHP.
Pro Ajax and PHP: Building Highly Interactive Applications is the first book to introduce how these two popular technologies can work together to create next generation applications. Covering many of the most commonplace topics developers encounter in daily web application development tasks, Babin guides readers through topics such as enhanced forms validation, data display and manipulation, JavaScript debugging, and security considerations. The result is a book that not only discusses how two of the world's most talked about technologies can come together to create amazing applications, but is also based upon a real-world context, enabling developers to immediately begin applying what they've learned to their own situation.

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