The problem of how to design a database is commonly encountered by those not specifically trained and practiced in the art. Web site designers often use MySQL databases to back a web site, a small business owner might design an Access database to hold sales leads, researchers often use databases to manage and analyze their data. None of these types of people are professional database designers, and yet good design is crucial the success of their efforts.
Desktop Database Design is written with the lay person in mind. In clear and simple language, the author uses examples from her real-life experience to highlight the types of problems that can result from poor design, to motivate readers to do good design. She then goes on to provide a sound method that readers can follow in order to produce a good design. While focus is on implementing designs in relational databases such as Microsoft Access, PostgreSQL, MySQL, the author does not forget those readers who will choose to implement their database in a spreadsheet such as Microsoft Excel.

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