Among Java's many attractive features as a programming language, its object-oriented nature is key to creating powerful, reusable code and applications that are easy to maintain and extend. To take advantage of these capabilities, you're going to need not only to master the syntax of the Java language, but also to gain a practical understanding of what objects are all about, and more importantly, how to structure a Java application from the ground up to make the most of objects. With Beginning Java Objects: From Concepts to Code, you will learn all three! TOC:Part 1: The ABC’s of ObjectsChapter 1 – A Little Taste of JavaChapter 2 – Abstraction and ModelingChapter 3 – Objects and ClassesChapter 4 – Object InteractionsChapter 5 – Relationships Between ObjectsChapter 6 – Collections of ObjectsChapter 7 – Some Final ConceptsPart 2: Object Modeling 101Chapter 8 – The Object Modeling Process in a NutshellChapter 9 – Formalizing Requirements through Use CasesChapter 10 – Modeling the Static / Data Aspects of the SystemChapter 11 – Modeling the Dynamic / Behavioral Aspects of the SystemChapter 12 – Wrapping Up Our Modeling Efforts

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