The Spring Framework continues to make a remarkable rise in popularity since its conception in 2002. Many users have found the new agile lightweight, open source Spring Framework 2.x ideal for building complex enterprise or Java Enterprise Edition (EE)-based applications in their environments.

Building Spring 2 Enterprise Applications takes developers through the first steps of using Spring whilst discussing the relevant technologies that Spring can be integrated with, what to be aware of and how working with Spring makes them easier to use. This book focuses on the most useful features of Spring, including persistence and transaction management as well as the complete Spring web tools portfolio, and also introduces 3-tier application design and how to test these designs.

Additionally, this book provides a broad insight into Spring's enterprise Java-based technologies, whilst showing how to use Spring correctly in applications which lowers the enterprise Java learning curve. Using less complex alternatives wherever possible, this book describes how Spring can make Java developers more productive in often complicated enterprise environments.

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