The primary goal of this book is to introduce Microsoft's new Express C# entry-level product to the hobbyist and amateur programmer in a clear, friendly and approachable manner. Express C# is one of the new entry-level routes for new programmers to learn the .NET programming languages, offering new programmers and hobbyists an affordable and accessible start to their programming journey.
Peter Wright proved his ability to teach over 100,000 aspiring programmers Visual Basic during the 90's with his 'Beginning Visual Basic' best sellers, such as "Beginning Visual Basic 6" (Wrox Press, 1861001053), and now Microsoft are launching their new Express products, Peter Wright is on the same mission to teach a new generation how to program in his uniquely friendly and clear voice.
The book is an opportunity for new programmers to journey with Peter Wright through an exploration of what Express C# is, and the core programming principles that will allow the reader to begin the exciting journey towards more complex and rewarding programming tasks.
Peter takes the reader through every major aspect of Express C# and guarantees that the reader knows how everything fits together, from the first programming principles through to using the exciting Express Start Kits that are designed to give new programmers huge leaps forwards in their own programming. The ultimate goal is to allow the reader to write their own programs by the end of the book, and with Peter Wright leading the way, many new programmers will find themselves ready to take their new hobby as far as they want to go.

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