The purpose of this book is to demystify the evaluation and management of common psychological disorders and psychosocial issues which impact all realms of medical and mental health practice. These types of issues are often seen as 'medical quicksand' by treating professionals, employers, and insurers alike. Consequently, there is a system-wide avoidance of these disorders that significantly increase medical and disability costs. However, there is a considerable cost to individual and society as well in terms of the reduction in the quality of life of the individual and the high costs associated with chronic use of medical resources. It is essential to note the complexity of the psychiatric and psychosocial disability conundrum. This dilemma is not limited solely to short-term, minor problems but leach into the full spectrum of disability systems: private insurance, disability insurance, and federal programs for disabled persons. This book will provide innovative tools to confidently navigate the disability process by implementing, for the first time, true objective information coupled with the state-of-the-art evidence-based research. Thus, all individuals involved in the psychiatric disability process will be able to properly manage the process, optimize the treatment for an optimal outcome and avoid iatrogenic disability. In particular, the book will provide a clear evidence-based guidance for the evaluation and treatment process not only for individuals with obvious psychological problems, but for symptomatic individual with no discernable etiology or who simply never seem to get well.

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