Life is not perfect. Especially for Christians. The characters Rita Owens, Shawn Owens, Taurus Nate and Joy Waters are prime examples of that in the book, Behind the Mask. Rita, who is married to Pastor Shawn Owens, is having a hard time living up to her title as first lady of a church and her selfishness catches up to her. Pastor Shawn Owens acts like a doormat sometimes but when he goes thru some personal hurt, that's when he grows the spine that he's been missing. Taurus is the Elder of the church and is also Shawn's best friend. That is, until Taurus crosses the line and ruins not only his friendship with Shawn, but he ruins his own reputation at the church. And Joy, she's the daughter of Shawn from a previous relationship and thinks that she can hide her indiscretions. But she finds out that you will reap what you sow. Behind the Mask is a book that is a shocker but will help others to see that God is a loving God, even when we get ourselves into trouble.

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