Parent successfully after divorce and maintain a close relationship with your kids using this practical adviceWhen you divorce, your kids take top priority. But what does it take to be a great dad after your marital status changes? Being a Great Divorced Father offers the real-world advice you need to maintain a great relationship with your children, even as your relationship with your spouse comes to an end. This book's unique observations and strategies will help you build a new life after your divorce, in which the kids are front and center. It addresses: creating a new home and making room for the kidsmanaging babysitters, after-school care, and other details of daily lifecreating and enforcing house rules governing homework, TV, computer and game use, and recreationcommunicating with your ex - being nice, sparing the kids, establishing boundaries, and finding ways to agreesettling legal and custody battlesdating and remarriageBeing a Great Divorced Dad focuses on helping you be the best dad you can be. You'll be able to maintain an extended family through collaboration and cooperation with your former spouse, keeping the focus on your children. Plus, read insights from families who have gone through the challenges of transitioning through a divorce and achieved success. Build a close relationship with your children through the trials of divorce with this book.

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