A freelance photographer, working his way round Switzerland, is entrapped by two Society girls and set up so that he loses his job at a chalet park and is sent home in disgrace. When he develops the photographs, he finds to his great delight that he has images of the two girls in his chalet, indulging in bizarre lesbian sex! From then on his revenge is calculated, swift and very severe! He summons the girls to his home where, under threat of blackmail, he makes them strip and subjects them to a good deal of pain. But this is not enough to satisfy him - he borrows a dungeon and puts them into extremely cruel and inventive bondage before inflicting yet more pain on their helpless bodies! After much pain and sexual abuse, the girls are eventually freed, whereupon they hire a female private detective to try and trap him again. This, unfortunately, does not succeed and the detective also ends up in the torture cellar, totally and completely bent to her new Master's will.

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