More than 2,300,000 couples get married every year in America. And as each of these couples embarks on a new marriage, there's an almost universal hope for years of happiness. As any couple that's been married for longer than a week will tell you, achieving that dream takes work on the part of both partners. Best Advice on Starting a Happy Marriage presents real solutions from women who've navigated the course of marriage over the years and covers such topics as communication, fighting fair, and keeping the romantic flame alive. This book will inspire and help newlyweds as they build their union, and serve as a wonderful engagement, bridal shower or wedding gift.If your goal is to achieve a solution to a problem, then two heads really are better than one. But if there is a need for one person to always be right, then the problem will just continue. Put the egos aside.Remember that romance, and making up after a fight, is not just about flowers or sweet talk. Do thoughtful, practical things for your spouse to show you're sorry or that you care: pick up a special treat for him at the grocery store, or fill up a tank of gas when you know he'll be pressed for time.Remember that you are best friends.

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