The free market makes the world go around. Maybe its time we all tried to understand it a little better. Luckily Eamonn Butler is the ideal teacher to get us all up to speed.Markets are everywhere. But how many of us understand how they work, and why? What does a free market really mean? Do free markets actually exist? Should we have more or less of them? Most of all do we really need to know all this? Answer: Yes we do.MAKING ECONOMICS SIMPLE SO THAT EVEN POLITICIANS CAN UNDERSTAND ITIf any mention of free markets sends your mind screaming back to your musty old school economics textbook, think again. TheBest Book on the Market will keep you gripped, intrigued and well informed. Abandoning complicated mumbo-jumbo, Eamonn Butler, Director of the UKs leading free market think-tank, demystifies the world of markets, competition, monopolies and cartels, prices and overspills. Using examples from our everyday lives Dr Butler explains how the markets we have, and the many more we need, can work to create a richer, freer and more peaceful world.STOP WORRYING AND LOVE THE FREE ECONOMYHe delves into the morality of markets and interrogates important issues such as why feckless rock-stars are paid much more than worthy nurses; whether we should worry about people trading in arms, water, healthcare etc; whether black markets are immoral; and questions of equality; sweatshops, and fair trade.

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