In recent times, venture capital and private equity funds have become household names, but so far little has been written for the investors in such funds – the so–called ‘limited partners’. There is far more to the management of a portfolio of venture capital and private equity funds than usually perceived. Beyond the J Curve provides an innovative toolset for such limited partners to design and manage portfolios tailored to the dynamics of this market place, going far beyond the typical and often–simplistic recipe to ‘go for top quartile funds’. Beyond the J Curve provides the answers to key questions, including: Why should ‘top–quartile’ promises be taken with a huge pinch of salt and what does it takes to select superior fund managers? What do limited partners need to consider when designing and managing portfolios? How can one determine the funds’ economic value to help address the questions of ‘fair value’ under IAS 39 and ‘risk’ under Basel II or...

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