More than 700,000 books sold in the Big Book series!Always say and do the right thing at the right time!Developing the necessary skills critical to teamwork and company successtaught in a fun group formatMeeting new people, developing listening skills, learning proper business etiquette, or dealing with difficult customers or coworkers are all challenges every company faces. The Big Book of People Skills Games offers a host of interactive yet engaging games you can use to tackle all of these communication-challenged areas within your group. RESULTS: effective communication, greater team confidence, and improved customer service.These short but fun games can be adapted to any setting, cost virtually nothing, and show you how to boost both employee and customer interaction, reduce absenteeism, and foster a more positive and productive environment--all necessary ingredients for company growth and success.The Big Book of People Skills Games helps you:Improve internal and external communicationPromote group thinking on potential problems facing the companyBuild stronger relationships with coworkers and clientsTeach your team about proper work proceduresThis is the complete reference for enhancing interpersonal skillsboth personally and professionallyfrom the trusted Big Book series.

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